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Specifying and selecting large trees from a UK nursery

AirPot Trees allgrowth UK nursery

allgrowth welcomes top team of landscape architects to nursery

A group of landscape architects from leading practice Periscope joined Peter Middlicott and allgrowth on the nursery in Autumn 2023, stepping through the avenues of semi-mature trees – the majesty of Pine and Oak; the form and bark interest of Birch and Acer; the seasonal flower or foliage explosion of Magnolia and Liquidambar. Alongside Andrew, Peter’s Production Director, the allgrowth team shared their extensive insight into growing, securing and maintaining large trees in AirPots, as well as outlining how best to manage the logistics once these large specified trees arrive on site.

Tagging and Professional Development

Nurseries grow plants. But the trees, consultancy and expertise offered at allgrowth extends much further than that.  Regularly accompanying landscape architects and designers on the nursery for tagging, training and professional development, allgrowth is driven by Peter Middlicott. Peter’s career has seen him lead UK tree production forward at prestigious and renowned UK and European tree growers before securing his own land on the cusp of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. And for the last 15 years, allgrowth has been supplying large trees, topiary and specimen plants to major status landscape schemes across the UK and Europe.

Not just trees we have, but the RIGHT trees

From species choice, to sourcing, handling and delivery, Peter helps clients consider the location, the soil, the conditions, climate, proximity to buildings, the plants’ purpose (shade, berry, foliage etc.) and the overall integrity of the landscape itself, as well as other project-specific factors.

All too often, nurseries and plant suppliers simply offer the varieties and plants they have readily available in production rather than the RIGHT PLANTS FOR WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS.  At allgrowth, plant logic is applied from the offset.  Peter looks at the best plants for the end game, makes sure they are actually readily available in the numbers needed, and at a price that fits the budget.  That means not just pushing allgrowth ready-to-go trees: if they do not have the right plant match, they will source the ones that do – and that is pretty unique in this nursery game.

UK tree nursery and British source of semi-mature trees

With a capacity for over 1000 semi-mature trees, the 40 hectare nursery is home to topiary, shrubs and hedging solutions for every landscape question. allgrowth’s extensive network of suppliers across UK and Europe means the team can also reach out, sourcing nursery stock to provide the complete planting package for any landscaping scheme – not just through the nursery gates, but beyond with ongoing consultancy and support.

The Periscope team have added details their own research pages, detailing the visit from a landscape architect perspective.

Trees, Shrubs, Topiary and Hedging for your landscape, garden or estate

If you are a landscape architect, specifier or designer looking for the best plants and trees for your next landscape project – from UK-grown stock or sourced from UK and Europe’s most reputable nurseries, contact us today.

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Legends Car Championship Headline Sponsor 2023: allgrowth

allgrowth sponsor Legends Car Championship

allgrowth announces Bridgeman team and Legends Car Championship sponsorship deal

Following a successful season as sponsor of driver Nick Bridgeman and his #68 Legends Bridgeman Motorsport Team, allgrowth will this year also be stepping up on the podium as Legends Car Championship headline digital coverage sponsors. The relationship between allgrowth and Legends racing outfit Bridgeman Motorsport continues to drive forward into the 2023 season and the extension of our support now moves forward with the Championship itself. The full programme commences this weekend on 15-16 April 2023 at Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire.

As detailed in last season’s introduction, Legends Cars are bodyshell replicas of American cars from the 1930s and 1940s – Ford Coupes and Sedans – and are capable of reaching speeds beyond 120mph.

Team #68 Bridgeman Motorsport

A keen car and racing enthusiast, allgrowth’s Peter Middlicott has followed the Legends Car National Championship with interest for over 10 years. Sponsoring Team Bridgeman in 2022, he continues the team support this year, with driver Nick Bridgeman ready for the season and hot off a busy testing weekend at Donington over Easter.

It’s all about growth

Phil Cooper – Legends Cars Championship with MRF Tyres Owner:
“We are delighted to offer a very warm welcome to Peter Middlicott and his allgrowth business as our new broadcast sponsor for this year’s Legends Cars Championship. Through allgrowth’s support of Bridgeman Motorsport last season, Peter has seen first-hand the incredible racing we provide and the fantastic excitement at every track we visit. It’s a pleasure to have allgrowth onboard with us for 2023 and I’m certain the partnership will provide great value to Peter and his business. Thanks to allgrowth’s support we can confirm Digitex TV will once again produce the same excellent coverage of the championship we enjoyed last year.”

Peter Middlicott – allgrowth Ltd:
“Being a part of the Legends Cars Championship as a spectator and team sponsor over recent seasons has been beyond exhilarating. That’s why allgrowth want to extend their support and promote the discipline so that the audience net can be cast wider. We’re really pleased to be the online coverage sponsors this season, and are excited to be involved in what promises to be yet another thrilling, competitive programme.”

We will be following the progress on Bridgeman Motorsports social media platforms on Facebook, @bridgemanmotorsport on Instagram and Twitter, as well as on the Legends Car Championships Youtube channel.

Next race meets

The Legends Car Championship calendar continues as follows:

  • Rds 1&2 – Cadwell Park – 15/16 April
  • Rds 3&4 – Brands Hatch Indy – 17/18 June
  • Rds 5&6 – Snetterton – 7/8 Oct
  • Rds 7&8 – Brands Hatch Indy – 4/5 Nov

allgrowth legends car

Trees, Shrubs, Topiary and Hedging for your landscape, garden or estate

If you have a landscaping project or are looking for the best plants and trees, from UK-grown stock or sourced from UK and Europe’s most reputable nurseries, contact us today.

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Replanting the Woodlands living wall in North London

9cm plants for A406 living wall

PROJECT NEWS: 35000 plants bring colour, depth and foliage to London’s North Circular

For planning and completion, the professional collaboration from Peter and his team was absolutely vital.

Adding a much-appreciated splash of nature along the A406 North Circular in Golders Green since 2015, the Transport for London’s (TfL’s) Woodlands Wall has been replanted and restored this Summer.

Plants for living walls

The Cambridgeshire-based living wall specialist company Tiga installed and planted the original living wall seven years ago. They returned from June to August 2022 to replant the 335 square metre expanse. The wall retains the land and trees behind, providing both a healthy living green walkway for pedestrians and a welcome natural distraction from the busy A406 it lines.

Holding plants for scheduled deliveries

Its tight roadside location deep within the M25 made the replanting project a little more complex. With space at such a premium, Tiga and allgrowth had to work together on site and at the production nursery.  The 200 linear metre wall was to be replanted with 35,000 plants in 9cm pots, each of which had to be stripped from the plant before placing in the Dutch-designed living wall structure. To ensure the plants arrived at the wall in their freshest condition, the deliveries were managed in batches of 5,000 plants at a time. Sometimes unpotted at the nursery, sometimes on site, the plants – a blend of 8 varieties including the purple foliage of Heucheras, the green and yellows of Euonymus and the shape and foliage interest of Alchemilla and Bergenia – were then transported carefully by Tiga to site, ready for careful repotting directly into the cells of the living wall.

Healthy and fresh plants for quick establishment

Improving not only the visual impact but the air quality and a healthier outlook for passing road and foot traffic, the plants have enjoyed the best conditions to thrive – a hot summer, good irrigation and a regular maintenance programme.

“Timing, logistics and space were paramount. As ever, Peter and the allgrowth team were both regimented and flexible in equal measure.  This allowed me to meet the project’s planting schedule with quick, regular deliveries, keeping the plants fresh from nursery to site and holding stock where and when we needed it. We allowed 3 days of stripping pots for each day of planting. If there were gaps in the programme, allgrowth would step up quickly. For planning and completion, the professional collaboration from Peter and his team was absolutely vital.” – Nik Adams, Director of Tiga, responsible for managing plant sourcing and executing the programme of planting.

Plant procurement and advice

The Tiga team has worked on a number of landscape projects with allgrowth over recent years: for plant procurement and advice; plant supply and stockholding; project management and supply chain support.



Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowthCall in a professional. Plant sourcing and advisory service

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Beautifully planted front garden at renovated Cambridgeshire farmhouse

Aerial farmhouse front garden Cambridgeshire

PROJECT NEWS: Farmhouse Restoration with Front Garden landscape

“Once again, our experience with Peter and the allgrowth team has been faultless.  I’m looking out at a fabulous, luscious green garden that looks like it’s already been here for years – full of colour and form and a second great example of Peter’s horticulture excellence.”

Having already advised on plant choice and then supplying and landscaping the customer’s garden at a previous home, they were once again keen to get Peter and the allgrowth team involved at their next home to ensure the same high level of plant quality, consultancy and support was received.

Historic property in Cambridgeshire

The owner of this Grade II listed farmhouse restoration was looking to turn the hitherto derelict outdoor space into a garden to enjoy and develop.  Overgrown and unloved for twenty years, the front garden of the renovated historic property is flanked by two village roads in this quiet hamlet near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

The right place for plant advice and sourcing

Already discussing the design, plan and construction with their own garden designers and contractors, the homeowner knew there was only one place to go for the plants themselves – and that was allgrowth.  Peter’s horticultural expertise and industry knowledge allowed not only an understanding of the design brief and planting palette, but a depth of experience that would also throw up alternative suggestions that may suit the location, soil type, aspect or end purpose better.  Therein lies Peter’s Holy Grail of Horticulture: a realism and integrity in knowing which plants and trees will work best…and then how to source them if not from his own allgrowth nursery.

Close collaboration for project flow

The beauty of working with Peter, selecting, sourcing and securing the supply of the trees and plants you want, is that the customer can manage the build efficiently, calling off the plants as and when they need them. Peter’s close collaboration and regular communication keeps projects flowing and allow for the build phase to be as agile as required, particularly in landscape schemes contending with weather conditions, access and unforeseen changes on site.

Seasonal interest and a considered planting palette

The plant list offered elements of colour, seasonal interest, foliage, form and height for every aspect of the garden.  From the regular standard fruit trees – pears, cherries and apples – to the herbaceous hues of perennials including Astilbe, Campanula, Rudbeckia, every corner and spot has been carefully considered. Box balls, roses and grasses create statements, scent and flowing movement and a Japanese Maple and multi-stem Amelanchier add those elements that make the garden look instantly settled and established.

Privacy and visual appeal

Solving privacy concerns from its front-facing aspect and potential street views, the garden has been shielded by pleached trees, commanding impressive visual impact as well as screening along its outer perimeter.  The hedging and shrubs have enjoyed the healthiest of establishment over the Summer months, being well-watered and flourishing into a garden that looks mature in years rather than the two months since planting.


A keen amateur gardener, this homeowner will now take the garden forward and the team will stay in touch with her and watch its development with interest.

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

Call in a professional. Plant sourcing and advisory service

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Legends Car Racing | allgrowth sponsors Bridgeman Motorsport

allgrowth Legends Car Sponsor Bridgeman Motorsport

A blossoming relationship | Legend Car sponsor 2022

What could circuit car racing and tree growing possibly have in common? Well, it’s a blossoming relationship between up-and-coming Legends racing outfit Bridgeman Motorsport and leading semi-mature tree grower and nursery supplier allgrowth.

Legends Cars are bodyshell replicas of American cars from the 1930s and 1940s – Ford Coupes and Sedans.  With cars capable of reaching speeds beyond 120mph and the sport renowned for its high dramas and race spectacles often three or four cars wide, it is already a popular racing phenomenon across the globe. Within the UK, the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC) National Legends Car Racing calendar has been running for 28 years and is in full swing with Round 5 now completed this weekend (7/8 May 2022) at the Pembrey circuit in Wales.

Car #68 Nick Bridgeman and allgrowth

A keen car and racing enthusiast, allgrowth’s Peter Middlicott has followed the Legends Car National Championship with interest for over 10 years. This year there is an extra element of anticipation as the company are team sponsors of Bridgeman Motorsport, their driver Nick Bridgeman and his #68 car.

3rd Place at Pembrey

Bridgeman finds his racing line in an electric blue 34 Ford Coupe, charged by a 130bhp Yamaha 1250cc motorcycle engine. He was spotlighted as one of the best up-and-coming drivers in 2021 has been showing great promise this season so far. On his latest outing, he came back in the final after taking a knock in one of the heats which had left him unplaced.  The Round 5 final saw Nick come back after the heat upset, racing some hard-fought circuits and finally placing third in his single seater coupe. He completed the 5-lap circuit final at Pembrey after its restart in 5:43.337.  The recent run of good form comes off the back of a greyer spell and is a welcome return to success for the Bridgeman Motorsport team.

Televised on Freesports TV (Ch65 Freeview or Ch433 Sky), videos on headline sponsor Parc Lane Cars website and with growing popularity in packed spectator arenas at the biggest motor racing venues across the UK, you can follow the progress on Bridgeman Motorsports social media platforms on Facebook, @bridgemanmotorsport on Instagram and Twitter, as well as on their Youtube channel.

Building strong professional business relationships

Keen to build on his 2021 promise and pushing forward in the overall leader tables for the season, Nick is pleased to have allgrowth and Peter on board as sponsors. The associates have had a successful business association over the past few years which has developed into an equally strong friendship and one to build on both professionally and competitively.  The allgrowth team have supplied a number of large trees, hedging and shrubs for Bridgeman Construction landscape projects across their residential developments in the South East of England and continue to work with the development team to advise, supply and plant their Bedfordshire-grown trees and that plant material sourced from a broad network of UK and Europe-wide nurseries.

Next race meet

The BARC UK Legends Championship calendar continues as follows:

  • June 11/12 – Brands Hatch
  • June 18/19 – Anglesey
  • August 20/21 – Donington Park
  • September 17/18 – Snetterton 300
  • November 5/6 – Brands Hatch

allgrowth legends car

Trees, Shrubs, Topiary and Hedging for your landscape, garden or estate

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Trees for private garden in Essex

Italian Cypress Private Garden

PROJECT NEWS: Developing a private garden in Essex

The second of four projects supplied by allgrowth, Peter and the team visited a private residence in Nazeing, Essex.  The customer was a building services company owner who had already seen Peter’s expertise at first-hand on a previous tree and landscaping project at Broxlea Meadows and a riverside screening project.

Honest advice from the start

Looking to create a stunning tree-lined view from his home across the rear of the property, the customer was looking at tree ferns. Whilst giving the visual impact he may have been looking for, Peter offered some alternative options – ones that would be more suitable, both from a climate and ongoing maintenance perspective.

The customer respected the honesty and instead of the ferns, allgrowth sourced, supplied, delivered and planted an impressive double avenue of Italian cypress.

Simple and effective landscapes

To accompany and complement the 12 statuesque Italian specimens, Cupressus sempervirens (300-350cm container grown), Peter advised on underplanting.  Selecting and supplying 150 Photinia x fraserii Little Red Robin in 5 litre pots, these compact evergreens will display glorious green and red foliage throughout the seasons as well as delicate flowers in the Spring.

How the garden took shape:

Making a difference to the customer

“We took a small project to Peter for advice at my home with a few basic ideas of what we wanted to achieve. Peter took the base idea and was not afraid to offer his honest professional opinion and alternative suggestions.  We took this on board and changed the planting ideas to Peter’s recommendations – and all was delivered and planted and looks fabulous”

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

We talk the right language

If you have a landscaping project or are looking for the best tree screening options, contact us today.

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Trees for screening pylons: Designed | Delivered | Planted

Large screening trees

PROJECT NEWS: Screening pylons with large trees on Essex high end development

One of four projects supplied by allgrowth, Peter and the team worked closely with the property developer to screen some unsightly pylons.  Overlooking the small development of prestigious housing at Broxlea Meadows in Nazeing, Essex, the size of the overshadowing pylons commanded some very large trees – over 40 feet tall.

Visit to site and recommendations

The first port of call for allgrowth is a site visit. Many factors can influence tree choice, not just the end game, but the soil conditions, the proximity to buildings and underground services, ultimate growth and spread, foliage cover and leaf drop, for example.  Discussing a variety of options with the customer, Peter recommended the conifers, birch and maples.  The trees, selected from allgrowth’s own nursery in Bedfordshire, were delivered by artic and planted by the allgrowth team.

Support and further planting

The support does not ever stop there. Invariably, there is other planting potential on a site of this stature and location and, following the delivery of the trees and their healthy establishment, the customer returned to allgrowth for some instant hedging.  Peter designed the best aspect, position and extent of the hedging, and the varieties before arranging delivery and planting these up too.

Tree Choice and Planting Palette

A combination of the architectural shape of the Golden Birch (Betula ermanii), the evergreen backdrop of the conifers and the variegated foliage interest of the maples created a multi-functional tree screen, shielding the houses from the views of the pylons and creating a natural outlook all year round.

Trees supplied

  • Abies concolor – White Fir (800-900 cm container grown)
  • Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’  – variegated Norway Maple (20-25cm girth container grown)
  • Betula ermanii  – Golden Birch (700-800cm container grown)
  • Pinus nigra ‘Austriaca’ – Austrian Pine (80-90cm girth container grown)

Instant hedging

  • Carpinus betulus – Hornbeam (200cm container grown hedging 80cm x 80cm)
  • Taxus baccata – Yew (175-200cm wire rootball)

One more happy customer

“It’s simple. If you want a planting project done properly, you choose the right people to do it.  And that’s allgrowth – the right people, advising on the right trees, delivering professionally.  Not only that, they are there for ongoing support so that the trees and plants supplied establish well and meet the original brief.  Peter has a wealth of horticultural knowledge and the allgrowth team have a breadth of stock availability on their nursery as well as within their networks – and we have a fantastic end result because of it.”

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

Talk to the right people

If you have a landscaping project or are looking for the best tree screening options, contact us today.

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Riverside screening and large decorative tree planting, Hertfordshire

Broxbourne Riverside Pleached Trees Screening

PROJECT NEWS: Screening, first impression and visual impact with large trees

Earlier this year (May 2020), Peter visited this private homeowner at their riverside property in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.  With views across the River Lea, the property’s rear garden enjoyed an open aspect – but a little too “open” for the owner’s preference.

Natural screening from pleached trees

Discussing a variety of options with the homeowner, Peter looked at the best solution for a natural partial screening that shielded incoming views from river traffic and the canal path without impeding an external view of the river.  Pleached trees offer clear stem height and a space-saving slimline panel of foliage, and the European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) lent itself perfectly to the surrounding landscape.  This striking alternative to beech, with more distinctly veined and serrated leaves creates an instant partial screening with its 1.2m x 3.0m panel of foliage.  Supplied in containers, the resulting screen met the brief entirely and will provide a semi-evergreen cover through the seasons, turning to an attractive copper in the Autumn and adding a flourish of green catkins in late spring.

Established trees for instant foliage impact

Next issue to resolve? A low level hedge.  Creating a straightforward instant box hedge with established Buxus Sempervirens in 7.5 litre pots, Peter then returned to the garden to evaluate the best option for the front of the property.  The new development lacked height and structure, issues easily overcome with sourcing and supplying large established trees.  The choice of birch was an easy one; with silvery trunks and feathery foliage, the heavy standard trees, supplied direct from the allgrowth Bedfordshire nursery, were lifted, delivered, and – with the ground prepared – the 5 metre high trees were planted along the frontage and driveway.  The birches give the instant height of an established tree with a softening effect on the surrounding landscape.

5 metre 20-25cm girth Betula utilis jacquemontii; established trees in an instant:

Beautiful specimens and bonsai talking points

To accompany the new rear and front landscaping additions, the third phase of this home’s planted journey took its path towards topiary and bonsai.  Four cloud clipped Ilex crenata Japanese Hollies accompany two wow-factor statement trees: A multi-trunk Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria j. Globosa Nana) and a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum Inaba-Shidare).  These container-grown specimens form umbrellas amongst the cloud formations in the beds around the development.

Ilex cloud trees and Japanese Cedar Bonsai

Ilex cloud trees and Japanese Cedar Bonsai

Screen, structure and visual beauty:

The end result

From the modest screening to the rear to the Japanese themed beauty of the peripheral planting, this private landscape has taken on a whole new identity of its own.  The owner is delighted with the transformation, and praised Peter, not only on his support and interpretation of their needs and wishes, but on its translation into a beautiful landscape:

“What Peter has done at my new house is magnificent.  It really is the icing on the cake for us.  The decorative feel of the front garden and approach and the more functional screening at the rear has helped no end and we look forward to discussing our additional planting plans to create a lower level shrub and ground cover layer amongst the treelines.”

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

Listen to Peter

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – it’s worth listening to Peter.   If you’re ready to bend his ear, and are looking to discuss the trees and shrubs you need for your next landscaping project, contact us today.

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Developing an orchard, copse and naturally vibrant private landscape

Private Garden tree planting

PROJECT NEWS: Private Estate Planting in Bedfordshire

Most tree growers and nurseries will happily take your order, select your stock, deliver and go.  The minimum handling and hassle their end and they will be on to the next delivery.  Well, let’s just say – that’s not allgrowth’s take on how to best serve your planting plans.  This latest planting project at a client’s new home in the heart of the Bedfordshire countryside is testimony to that.

Setting the scene

A private homeowner recently moved into their new home in Bedfordshire.  The beautiful homescape is set in just under four acres of land with surrounding areas formerly used as paddocks and dressage arenas.  These open spaces had been left untended for some time and the owner was looking to re-purpose these for family, entertaining and outdoor living.  With a healthy expanse of land at their disposal, the homeowner also wanted to create natural wildlife corridors and habitats with meadows, hedging, a copse and an orchard.  This informal nature-friendly space would separate the more formal planting around the gardens and screen off the more functional, operational areas used for compost, refuse and mulching.

One of the key elements within the landscape was the planting of mature birches to extend the existing wooded vista. Both trees were approaching 13 metres in height and their safe delivery and establishment was integral to the completion of this first phase.

13 metre high birch trees: Delivered, planted and standing proud as if they had always been here:

Planted 13 metre mature birch trees

An altogether alternative approach from allgrowth

With services very much sought after locally and across the South East, allgrowth’s figurehead and plant specialist Peter Middlicott was contacted by the homeowner in light of the multi-faceted nature of his landscape plans.  The allgrowth team have a vast array of large trees, topiary and specimen statement shrubs available on their own nursery in Bedfordshire and have a long-standing reputable network of partner nurseries they work with to source the more unusual or hard-to-come by varieties.

From nursery to landscape

The complicated part of sourcing the right trees and plants is where allgrowth excel; the simple part is making the call and talking through what you’re looking to achieve in your garden or landscape.  The rest is painless straight-talking and straightforward proposals and options.

“You know where you stand from the offset”

The client shares his thoughts on how his allgrowth journey developed. He continues:

“Peter was clearly considering what was best for me and my garden and not what he could “sell” me – that’s really refreshing these days. He’s honest and knows his business and this clearly comes across in every conversation we’ve had, from our initial nursery visit to view stock to his visits to our home for his professional assessment of what would work best for us.”

In essence, it’s worth listening to Peter.

The right trees and plants for you

Though it might not be rocket science, it’s definitely not child’s play.  Choosing the right plants for purpose, location, soil type, end goal and maintenance options might mean a lengthier deliberation than just “tag and go”.  The time spent at the business end of the process pays dividends in the endgame.  Clients are encouraged to ask questions and expect honest answers – if a tree just won’t fit the bill, it won’t make the cut on your planting palette.

Overcoming hurdles

Access to the site, as is often the case, was not the simplest.  A single-track lane with a 90-degree turn through a gate at the end doesn’t necessary lend itself to the safe delivery of trees over 13 metres in height.  The site threw in inconveniently placed overhead cabling too – but allgrowth rose to the challenge.

Delivering large birch trees

The key here is the foresight and planning afforded by reconnaissance visits from Peter.  The trees themselves also needed to be prepped on the nursery to allow for the best delivery methods.  Planting holes and irrigation was prepared on the planting site well in advance to ensure the minimum delay between lifting and planting.  These are all regular manoeuvres in the allgrowth armoury.

The end result

One orchard with a new lease of life, planted with cherry, pear and apples for future bumper harvests. One new copse of birches and maples as a wildlife haven and natural margin. Smaller trees to replace the tired and overgrown ivy fencing and to give visual continuity.

One stunning Magnolia Galaxy statement tree near to the house. Oaks working in unison with the native hedging.  And some stunning trees for visual impact and statements, including the birch trees, planted with irrigation for healthy establishment and longevity.

One new instantly-dense native hedge line for healthy all-year-round foliage, meandering across the garden in an “S” shape.  This was a design option suggested by Peter to create a natural screen in a sweeping flourish, with oaks integrated in the line for added height and interest.  This planting formation allows for easy vehicle access, easy maintenance and is the perfect natural distraction from the operational side of the estate beyond.

And one very happy customer.

The S shaped native hedge screen

What’s next?

The outlying landscape is not quite complete (as landscapes rarely are!). The client has more ideas and plans afoot and Peter’s already on the case.  Watch this space – there’s much more to come.

Find out more

Ready to discuss the trees and shrubs you need for your next landscaping project? Contact us today.


Peter Middlicott

Trees for private garden in Essex

PROJECT NEWS: Developing a private garden in Essex The second of four projects supplied by allgrowth, Peter and the team visited a private residence in Nazeing, Essex.  The customer was a building services company owner who had already seen Peter’s expertise at...

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