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allgrowth welcomes top team of landscape architects to nursery

A group of landscape architects from leading practice Periscope joined Peter Middlicott and allgrowth on the nursery in Autumn 2023, stepping through the avenues of semi-mature trees – the majesty of Pine and Oak; the form and bark interest of Birch and Acer; the seasonal flower or foliage explosion of Magnolia and Liquidambar. Alongside Andrew, Peter’s Production Director, the allgrowth team shared their extensive insight into growing, securing and maintaining large trees in AirPots, as well as outlining how best to manage the logistics once these large specified trees arrive on site.

Tagging and Professional Development

Nurseries grow plants. But the trees, consultancy and expertise offered at allgrowth extends much further than that.  Regularly accompanying landscape architects and designers on the nursery for tagging, training and professional development, allgrowth is driven by Peter Middlicott. Peter’s career has seen him lead UK tree production forward at prestigious and renowned UK and European tree growers before securing his own land on the cusp of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. And for the last 15 years, allgrowth has been supplying large trees, topiary and specimen plants to major status landscape schemes across the UK and Europe.

Not just trees we have, but the RIGHT trees

From species choice, to sourcing, handling and delivery, Peter helps clients consider the location, the soil, the conditions, climate, proximity to buildings, the plants’ purpose (shade, berry, foliage etc.) and the overall integrity of the landscape itself, as well as other project-specific factors.

All too often, nurseries and plant suppliers simply offer the varieties and plants they have readily available in production rather than the RIGHT PLANTS FOR WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS.  At allgrowth, plant logic is applied from the offset.  Peter looks at the best plants for the end game, makes sure they are actually readily available in the numbers needed, and at a price that fits the budget.  That means not just pushing allgrowth ready-to-go trees: if they do not have the right plant match, they will source the ones that do – and that is pretty unique in this nursery game.

UK tree nursery and British source of semi-mature trees

With a capacity for over 1000 semi-mature trees, the 40 hectare nursery is home to topiary, shrubs and hedging solutions for every landscape question. allgrowth’s extensive network of suppliers across UK and Europe means the team can also reach out, sourcing nursery stock to provide the complete planting package for any landscaping scheme – not just through the nursery gates, but beyond with ongoing consultancy and support.

The Periscope team have added details their own research pages, detailing the visit from a landscape architect perspective.

Trees, Shrubs, Topiary and Hedging for your landscape, garden or estate

If you are a landscape architect, specifier or designer looking for the best plants and trees for your next landscape project – from UK-grown stock or sourced from UK and Europe’s most reputable nurseries, contact us today.

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