9cm plants for A406 living wall

PROJECT NEWS: 35000 plants bring colour, depth and foliage to London’s North Circular

For planning and completion, the professional collaboration from Peter and his team was absolutely vital.

Adding a much-appreciated splash of nature along the A406 North Circular in Golders Green since 2015, the Transport for London’s (TfL’s) Woodlands Wall has been replanted and restored this Summer.

Plants for living walls

The Cambridgeshire-based living wall specialist company Tiga installed and planted the original living wall seven years ago. They returned from June to August 2022 to replant the 335 square metre expanse. The wall retains the land and trees behind, providing both a healthy living green walkway for pedestrians and a welcome natural distraction from the busy A406 it lines.

Holding plants for scheduled deliveries

Its tight roadside location deep within the M25 made the replanting project a little more complex. With space at such a premium, Tiga and allgrowth had to work together on site and at the production nursery.  The 200 linear metre wall was to be replanted with 35,000 plants in 9cm pots, each of which had to be stripped from the plant before placing in the Dutch-designed living wall structure. To ensure the plants arrived at the wall in their freshest condition, the deliveries were managed in batches of 5,000 plants at a time. Sometimes unpotted at the nursery, sometimes on site, the plants – a blend of 8 varieties including the purple foliage of Heucheras, the green and yellows of Euonymus and the shape and foliage interest of Alchemilla and Bergenia – were then transported carefully by Tiga to site, ready for careful repotting directly into the cells of the living wall.

Healthy and fresh plants for quick establishment

Improving not only the visual impact but the air quality and a healthier outlook for passing road and foot traffic, the plants have enjoyed the best conditions to thrive – a hot summer, good irrigation and a regular maintenance programme.

“Timing, logistics and space were paramount. As ever, Peter and the allgrowth team were both regimented and flexible in equal measure.  This allowed me to meet the project’s planting schedule with quick, regular deliveries, keeping the plants fresh from nursery to site and holding stock where and when we needed it. We allowed 3 days of stripping pots for each day of planting. If there were gaps in the programme, allgrowth would step up quickly. For planning and completion, the professional collaboration from Peter and his team was absolutely vital.” – Nik Adams, Director of Tiga, responsible for managing plant sourcing and executing the programme of planting.

Plant procurement and advice

The Tiga team has worked on a number of landscape projects with allgrowth over recent years: for plant procurement and advice; plant supply and stockholding; project management and supply chain support.



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