Aerial farmhouse front garden Cambridgeshire

PROJECT NEWS: Farmhouse Restoration with Front Garden landscape

“Once again, our experience with Peter and the allgrowth team has been faultless.  I’m looking out at a fabulous, luscious green garden that looks like it’s already been here for years – full of colour and form and a second great example of Peter’s horticulture excellence.”

Having already advised on plant choice and then supplying and landscaping the customer’s garden at a previous home, they were once again keen to get Peter and the allgrowth team involved at their next home to ensure the same high level of plant quality, consultancy and support was received.

Historic property in Cambridgeshire

The owner of this Grade II listed farmhouse restoration was looking to turn the hitherto derelict outdoor space into a garden to enjoy and develop.  Overgrown and unloved for twenty years, the front garden of the renovated historic property is flanked by two village roads in this quiet hamlet near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

The right place for plant advice and sourcing

Already discussing the design, plan and construction with their own garden designers and contractors, the homeowner knew there was only one place to go for the plants themselves – and that was allgrowth.  Peter’s horticultural expertise and industry knowledge allowed not only an understanding of the design brief and planting palette, but a depth of experience that would also throw up alternative suggestions that may suit the location, soil type, aspect or end purpose better.  Therein lies Peter’s Holy Grail of Horticulture: a realism and integrity in knowing which plants and trees will work best…and then how to source them if not from his own allgrowth nursery.

Close collaboration for project flow

The beauty of working with Peter, selecting, sourcing and securing the supply of the trees and plants you want, is that the customer can manage the build efficiently, calling off the plants as and when they need them. Peter’s close collaboration and regular communication keeps projects flowing and allow for the build phase to be as agile as required, particularly in landscape schemes contending with weather conditions, access and unforeseen changes on site.

Seasonal interest and a considered planting palette

The plant list offered elements of colour, seasonal interest, foliage, form and height for every aspect of the garden.  From the regular standard fruit trees – pears, cherries and apples – to the herbaceous hues of perennials including Astilbe, Campanula, Rudbeckia, every corner and spot has been carefully considered. Box balls, roses and grasses create statements, scent and flowing movement and a Japanese Maple and multi-stem Amelanchier add those elements that make the garden look instantly settled and established.

Privacy and visual appeal

Solving privacy concerns from its front-facing aspect and potential street views, the garden has been shielded by pleached trees, commanding impressive visual impact as well as screening along its outer perimeter.  The hedging and shrubs have enjoyed the healthiest of establishment over the Summer months, being well-watered and flourishing into a garden that looks mature in years rather than the two months since planting.


A keen amateur gardener, this homeowner will now take the garden forward and the team will stay in touch with her and watch its development with interest.

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

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