Broxbourne Riverside Pleached Trees Screening

PROJECT NEWS: Screening, first impression and visual impact with large trees

Earlier this year (May 2020), Peter visited this private homeowner at their riverside property in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.  With views across the River Lea, the property’s rear garden enjoyed an open aspect – but a little too “open” for the owner’s preference.

Natural screening from pleached trees

Discussing a variety of options with the homeowner, Peter looked at the best solution for a natural partial screening that shielded incoming views from river traffic and the canal path without impeding an external view of the river.  Pleached trees offer clear stem height and a space-saving slimline panel of foliage, and the European Hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) lent itself perfectly to the surrounding landscape.  This striking alternative to beech, with more distinctly veined and serrated leaves creates an instant partial screening with its 1.2m x 3.0m panel of foliage.  Supplied in containers, the resulting screen met the brief entirely and will provide a semi-evergreen cover through the seasons, turning to an attractive copper in the Autumn and adding a flourish of green catkins in late spring.

Established trees for instant foliage impact

Next issue to resolve? A low level hedge.  Creating a straightforward instant box hedge with established Buxus Sempervirens in 7.5 litre pots, Peter then returned to the garden to evaluate the best option for the front of the property.  The new development lacked height and structure, issues easily overcome with sourcing and supplying large established trees.  The choice of birch was an easy one; with silvery trunks and feathery foliage, the heavy standard trees, supplied direct from the allgrowth Bedfordshire nursery, were lifted, delivered, and – with the ground prepared – the 5 metre high trees were planted along the frontage and driveway.  The birches give the instant height of an established tree with a softening effect on the surrounding landscape.

5 metre 20-25cm girth Betula utilis jacquemontii; established trees in an instant:

Beautiful specimens and bonsai talking points

To accompany the new rear and front landscaping additions, the third phase of this home’s planted journey took its path towards topiary and bonsai.  Four cloud clipped Ilex crenata Japanese Hollies accompany two wow-factor statement trees: A multi-trunk Japanese cedar (Cryptomeria j. Globosa Nana) and a Japanese maple (Acer palmatum Inaba-Shidare).  These container-grown specimens form umbrellas amongst the cloud formations in the beds around the development.

Ilex cloud trees and Japanese Cedar Bonsai

Ilex cloud trees and Japanese Cedar Bonsai

Screen, structure and visual beauty:

The end result

From the modest screening to the rear to the Japanese themed beauty of the peripheral planting, this private landscape has taken on a whole new identity of its own.  The owner is delighted with the transformation, and praised Peter, not only on his support and interpretation of their needs and wishes, but on its translation into a beautiful landscape:

“What Peter has done at my new house is magnificent.  It really is the icing on the cake for us.  The decorative feel of the front garden and approach and the more functional screening at the rear has helped no end and we look forward to discussing our additional planting plans to create a lower level shrub and ground cover layer amongst the treelines.”

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

Listen to Peter

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