Large screening trees

PROJECT NEWS: Screening pylons with large trees on Essex high end development

One of four projects supplied by allgrowth, Peter and the team worked closely with the property developer to screen some unsightly pylons.  Overlooking the small development of prestigious housing at Broxlea Meadows in Nazeing, Essex, the size of the overshadowing pylons commanded some very large trees – over 40 feet tall.

Visit to site and recommendations

The first port of call for allgrowth is a site visit. Many factors can influence tree choice, not just the end game, but the soil conditions, the proximity to buildings and underground services, ultimate growth and spread, foliage cover and leaf drop, for example.  Discussing a variety of options with the customer, Peter recommended the conifers, birch and maples.  The trees, selected from allgrowth’s own nursery in Bedfordshire, were delivered by artic and planted by the allgrowth team.

Support and further planting

The support does not ever stop there. Invariably, there is other planting potential on a site of this stature and location and, following the delivery of the trees and their healthy establishment, the customer returned to allgrowth for some instant hedging.  Peter designed the best aspect, position and extent of the hedging, and the varieties before arranging delivery and planting these up too.

Tree Choice and Planting Palette

A combination of the architectural shape of the Golden Birch (Betula ermanii), the evergreen backdrop of the conifers and the variegated foliage interest of the maples created a multi-functional tree screen, shielding the houses from the views of the pylons and creating a natural outlook all year round.

Trees supplied

  • Abies concolor – White Fir (800-900 cm container grown)
  • Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’  – variegated Norway Maple (20-25cm girth container grown)
  • Betula ermanii  – Golden Birch (700-800cm container grown)
  • Pinus nigra ‘Austriaca’ – Austrian Pine (80-90cm girth container grown)

Instant hedging

  • Carpinus betulus – Hornbeam (200cm container grown hedging 80cm x 80cm)
  • Taxus baccata – Yew (175-200cm wire rootball)

One more happy customer

“It’s simple. If you want a planting project done properly, you choose the right people to do it.  And that’s allgrowth – the right people, advising on the right trees, delivering professionally.  Not only that, they are there for ongoing support so that the trees and plants supplied establish well and meet the original brief.  Peter has a wealth of horticultural knowledge and the allgrowth team have a breadth of stock availability on their nursery as well as within their networks – and we have a fantastic end result because of it.”

Peter Middlicott plant expert from allgrowth

Talk to the right people

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