Waterside Landscape6Think back a couple of months and you’ll have marvelled at one of our private gardens, a rockery to beat all rockeries and this waterside haven.  Well, it’s now complete and, as we do with all of our projects, we’ve been back to check all is in order and to ensure our homeowner is happy (HINT: they are ecstatic!)

Waterside Landscape5

Most of our clients come to allgrowth with a canvas – sometimes blank, sometimes with  part of the picture already painted.  Sometimes there is a problem to solve – screening, sound-proofing, shielding. But there is always a purpose and reason – make a statement, fill a gap, create a masterpiece.  And that’s where the allgrowth journey begins.

Waterside Landscape | The Customer Journey

We first learnt of the homeowner’s garden plans through a local landscaper, renowned for his garden construction in the Hertfordshire region.  A knowledgeable, experienced artisan of landscaping, the landscaper reached out to allgrowth after the homeowner of the property in Letchworth shared with him his vision for a waterside landscape alongside his beautiful home.

Waterside Landscape3

The homeowner’s vision had key elements:

  • Water
  • Structure
  • Planting
  • Large trees

Large trees? That’s where we came in.  The landscaper pitched his design and interpretation of the brief to the homeowner and we arranged to meet with them all at allgrowth to start their journey with us.

Waterside Landscape1
In the homeowner’s words, they “knew in 10 seconds” that the allgrowth birch trees would be the crowning glory.  Aided and abetted in the choice of structured planting, alpines, shrubs and the birch trees by Peter at allgrowth, the landscaper had his client’s solution – all in one place.

Waterside Landscape2

Organically, the project developed, supported by the allgrowth team throughout.

Landscaper: “We need some herbaceous”.

allgrowth: “We’re on it”.

Herbaceous plants in colour, size, form and foliage were sourced, ordered and delivered and the ornamental planting completed.

Landscaper: “The old hedge has to go.”

allgrowth: “We’ll sort it.”

The homeowner favoured an instant taxus hedge.  Sourced. Ordered. Delivered. Planted.

That’s the allgrowth way.  Happy homeowners all round.