All too often, we hear of nurseries and plant suppliers simply offering the varieties and plants they have readily available in production rather than the RIGHT PLANT FOR WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS.  At allgrowth, we apply plant logic from the offset.  We look at the best plants for the end game, make sure they’re available in the numbers you need and at the price that fits.  We don’t just push our own stock, either.  If we haven’t got the plants that fit, we’ll source the ones that do.  That’s pretty unique in this game.

Often a customer will make a certain plant request, assured that what they’re asking for is the right plant for the job.  We would always query why that plant has been selected – why not?  There may be other alternatives that are less expensive, better suited and more likely to achieve the end result quicker and more effectively.  No harm in asking, right?

For example, we were asked recently for hornbeams for a hedge at more than 1.5 metres in height, ready planted into an instant hedge in troughs.  Sounds perfect? Great.  Except this option was REALLY expensive.  We asked: Why at this height in troughs? Answer: Because that’s what’s been specified?  OK.  We made them think, we planted the seed of doubt.   So, they countered with an alternative.  What about cutting the cost by buying in 5 litre pots?  Hmm.  Just two things to note here: 1)  YOU try sourcing this plant in a 5 litre in the UK; 2:  A bigger plant in a smaller pot? It would fall over!   Instead, we thought outside the box (or the hornbeam in this case!).  Why not purchase 3 no. hornbeam in 3 separate 10 litre pots? End effect – the same:  A bushy instant hedge.  End price? A fraction of the insta-trough solution originally sought and widely available to source at a competitive price.

Always ask WHY.